(2) Softsoap body wash $3.50 ea. $7.00
(2) Colgate toothpaste $1.99 ea. $3.98
(1) Speedstick deodorant $2.49
(1) Brookside candy $2.99
(1) Venus razor $6.99
(1) Clear shampoo $4.99 -raincheck

Coupons used:
(2) $1.00 Softsoap mq RP 4/7
(2) $0.75 Colgate mq RP 4/7
(1) $1.00 Speedstick CVS IP here
(1) $2.50 Brookside CVS IP here
(1) $3.00 Venus mq SS 4/7
(1) $4.99 Clear CVS q from last week
(1) $1.00 Clear shamppo mq
$9.50 ECB

Total paid: $4.95 + tax
Total ECB rec’d: $2 Venus, $6 Softsoap and $5 beauty club

My total should have been $2.95 (28.44-25.49) however, the Speedstick CVS coupon was added to my purchase as a “taxable item.” ūüė¶ Unfortunately, the cashier and I didn’t catch this while checking out. This happened to me before with another CVS coupon but, luckily, the cashier caught it right away. I suppose this is what happens when I try to be greedy and use the $1 Clear shampoo mq as an overage.



(2) Dawn dish soap $0.94 ea $1.88
(1) Almay mascara $5.99
(1) Almay intense i-color $5.99

Coupons used:
(2) $0.50 dawn hand renewal
(1) $5/2 almay internet printable
$4/$12 CVS q
$4 ECB

Total paid: tax ($1.11)
Total ECB rec’d: $3 from Almay

I’ve been trying to stock up on dish soaps but it seems I use more than I can acquire. The makeup products are a great addition to my gift baskets.



It’s seldom my CVS trips go according to plan, therefore a couple of backup plans are necessary. This week was no exception but I scored awesome deals nonetheless. I’ve made 2 trips this week so far:

Trip 1

(2) Nature Made Minis Vitamins $15.29 ea
(1) Colgate Sensitive toothpaste $4.99

Coupons used:
(1) $10 CVS Nature Made IP (no longer available
(2) $3 Nature Made
$15.29 Nature Made bogo free promo
$4 ECB

Total paid: $0.28 + tax
Total ECB rec’d: $4 from Colgate

All Poise and Thermacare were gone in this store so I took another trip the following day.

Trip 2

(1) Tena Women’s Underwear $14.29 (not pictured, already gave it to my grandma)
(1) Thermacare Trial size $3.49
(1) Mini Sticky-on Flags clearance $0.25 (not pictured, for filler)

Coupons Used:
(1) $14 Tena MQ (sent to me in the mail by Tena)
$4 ECB

Total paid: $0.03 + tax ($1.49 boo! lol)
Total rec’d: $3.49 from Thermacare

Still no Poise but hey that’s what rainchecks are for, right? I just hope that they’ll restock before my CVS Poise coupon expires. I’m planning on making another trip to do the Aveeno deal.


I have to admit that I got a little bit embarrass when my 3.5 year old daughter was still not potty trained. I was embarassed because it showed my lack of ability. Am I lazy? Do I lack patience? After all, kids her age have been probably potty trained since they were 1 or 2. I felt like working mothers were sneering at me. If they can potty train their children why is it so difficult for a stay-at-home mom such as I?

By the time my daughter turned 2, I have already done enough research to begin her potty training. I did the following:

1. read plethora of articles about potty training,
2. asked other mothers how they potty trained their kids,
3. signed up to receive the potty training video in the mail from Pull-Ups.
4. purchased a potty with her then current character obsession, Lightning Mcqueen, and
5. took her to the bathroom with me when I pee to show her that I do it, too.

I was ready or so I thought. She resisted. She hated it. She didn’t even want to sit on it.

I even tried methods other moms suggested but no luck. The potty training was abandoned.

I scoured mommy forums once more, watched videos and read some more potty training articles. Fast forward 6 months later, I found a YouTube video who had her daughter sit on the potty while watching her favorite show. I tried it and¬†it worked. She sat on the potty while playing games on the laptop. It was a success because she finally sat on the potty but¬†she sat there playing like it was a chair! She didn’t pee, whatsoever. Potty training was abandoned was more.

I¬†wasn’t successful because maybe I didn’t have a strategy on how to potty train her. Perhaps, I didn’t know the crap I was doing? However, last week I came across this article – link!¬†– on how to potty train a toddler in 2 days! I thought it was crazy but the author did¬†potty train her 3 kids using her method but, most importantly, her approach has a strategy. So I thought what the heck, I gave it a shot. Her approach is simple and this is what I did:

1. I had my daughter wear her current character obsession, Dora, undewear instead of having her naked from the waist down as the article suggested.

2.¬†I had her sit on the potty every 10-minutes.¬†¬†The article suggested a timer which was perfect because I already use a timer when she takes baths. She thinks it’s a game. I didn’t force her to sit if she didn’t want to. I just reset the timer for another 10 minutes.

3. I had her sit on the potty for 2 minutes or until she wants to sit there. I had a 2-minute timer, as well.

At the beginning of the first day, she was excited because she probably thought it was a game. By the middle of the day, she got the routine. Whenever the timer went off she knew it was time to sit on the potty. There were many accidents and I changed her underwear 10-15 times. When I saw her poopy-face, I grabbed her and put on her the potty. She was so proud of herself afterwards and I had her flush her poop away.

There were many resistance during the second day but she was already sitting on the potty on her own without the timer. It seemed like she sat on the potty whenever she felt the urge. She peed and pooped on the potty that day. There were still some accidents; I changed her underwear maybe 3-5 times.

On the third day, I am proud to say my 3.5 year old daughter is potty trained and also has bladder control at night. No accidents. I am happy.

So the moral of the story:

1. Don’t compare your child with other children. Let her/him guide you. So far this is true for me.
2. Don’t stress about it. Being a mom is stressful enough.
3. Don’t question your capabilities as a mom. You are doing your best.

Thank you Carrie Lauth of Mom Advice for sharing your potty training method.

COUPONING ADVENTURE: 01.20 – 01.26.2013

cvs 01212013

I went to CVS early this week because of the Nivea deal. I scoured 2 stores but to no avail. Oh well.

2 lady speed stick @2.99 ea $5.98
2 irish spring 6pk 3.00 ea $6
1 crest toothpaste pro-health $2.99
1 crest toothpaste 3d white $2.99

coupons used:
2 $1 lady speed stick
2 $1 irish spring
1 $0.50 crest
1 $0.50 crest
$10 cash card from last week

total oop: 2.96 + tax
received: $4 from crest and $6 ecb from soap and deodorant



Simple is my one little word* for 2013.

Last night, I dreamt I went to Walmart to buy bottled water.¬†Then, I found myself having a cart full of stuff upon check out. Does that sound too familiar to you? It happens to me in real life, too. Anyway, it was odd because I didn’t dream of putting those ¬†things in my cart. As I stood in line, I went through each clothing item to make sure I wanted to purchase them. Each one ended something I would never buy for my kids, myself or husband, well for anyone. So, I gave them all to the cashier and just paid for the water.

It dawned on me this morning that my one little word is simple. I’ve been contemplating on this for while and wasn’t sure if¬†I can commit to the word. However, I feel like my subconscious is telling me that simplicity is my key to happiness.¬†Perhaps, ¬†I’ve gone insane for thinking too much into such a dream?

I finally finished purging and getting rid of things this past weekend. Closets are now free of clutter and no longer spit random things out. I have the office to tackle next – I can’t wait. It’s an awesome feeling.

*One little word was created by Ali Edwards.