Hubby took a week off from work last week and instead of getting ahead of housework I, too, took a staycation. I didn’t completely neglect chores, mind you, but the department that suffered the most is laundry. I dare not include a photo of such a mess because it’s not even worth taking up several kbs of web space. However, you can picture me getting gobbled up by a massive mountain of dirty clothes!
So, I am playing catch up this whole week. (insert sarcastic “yay” here)

But I won’t leave you with such a mental image. Instead, here is a shopping list of things I would like to add to my wardrobe because nothing beats an online window shopping as a distraction. ^.~))v

  1. cambray shirt – perfect worn as a layering piece especially over dresses
  2. skinny belt – would love these in black, nude and brown
  3. lightweight sweater – would also love these in brown and black
  4. brown boots – have been wanting this pair for ages but I can’t quite justify its price tag
  5. basic tee – have these in green and black and would love them in all colors if possible
  6. leopard flats – cutest and most affordable pair I’ve found
  7. parka – perfect over dresses during colder months, thicker than a cardi but thinner than a coat
  8. handbag – can double as a crossbody bag because of the strap, perfect for a mommy bag
  9. leopard scarf – gives a basic tee a little pick me up
  10. polka dot sweater – i love anything polka dot and so happy that it’s a trend this fall, though I wear polka dots all year round.


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