I received my copy of Family Fun magazine the other day and was instantly drawn to the adorable paper owls! I immediately thought of creating one with my toddlers.

It was a quick craft. Well, it had to be because my kids’ attention span is short: my 3 year-old 5 minutes and my one-year old 1-2 minutes. They are made out of toilet paper tube, cupcake liners and cardstock. Here is the photo of the one from the magazine – link!

Quick Tutorial

  1. Take the toilet paper tube and fold the opposite ends of the top to create the pointy ears. Tape to secure.
  2. Cut 2 cupcake liners in half making 4 pieces for the body “feathers”. Cut off the flat bottom part of the liner.
  3. Cut 1 cupcake liner in half for the wings.
  4. Cut a long, small triangle for the nose.
  5. Cut 4 one half-inch circles but trim 2 so that it is a little smaller to create the eyes.
  6. Draw in the iris and the dots on the side of the eyes with a pen or marker on the smaller circles.
  7. Tape or glue 1 of the cupcake liner piece onto the front of the toilet paper tube starting from the bottom.
  8. Glue or tape 3 more pieces on top of each other leaving a little space each time to create the layered “feathered” body of the owl.
  9. Glue or tape 2 of the half-pieces on the back of the toilet paper tube to create the wings. You may have to trim to fit.
  10. Glue or tape the nose and the eyes.

My 3 year-old helped tape the pieces together and was very proud and excited about what she made! She loves the owl so much, she slept with it along with her Lalaloopsy dolls. My 1 year-old just watched for a bit and then doodled on the cardstock.

This was fun. I may have to look for more Halloween crafts!

ps. The owl lasted about 2 days until it was destroyed.


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