…snacking on boiled peanuts and nori.
…growing my eyebrows to get them threaded still.
…creating nothing at the moment, though I need to just begin.
…stressing over my toddlers’ eating habits. so picky!
…wishing for a vacation. I badly need one.
…needing a hair intervention, a low maintenance hairstyle please.
…remembering families and friends. They are so far away.
…thinking that I’m beginning to go insane hence the vacation wish.
…listening to How to Become a Millionaire REA audio book.
…reading Real Estate Principles book.
…watching a Korean drama called Full House Take 2.

I savored every bit of summer weather in October. It was still quite hot here in the Central Valley hence the awkward, summer “outfit” post above. I don’t think there was anything wrong with my arm in that photo, though.

I am at my wits end about what to feed my toddlers. They are so darn picky! Their meal of choice is air most of the time. My little boy eats like a bird. They both have a cold now and didn’t go trick or treating yesterday but we did have a Halloween photoshoot. ^.~))

Shooting for more productivity this month though watching Korean dramas doesn’t help. However, I am only following 1 drama this time, hehehe. They are such time wasters ugh! My goals are:

  1. finish reading the RE books
  2. stay on top of chores
  3. get rid of clutter
  4. prep daily december album – which is just an album and instax. simple as possible

Hello November!


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