mommy habitsIf you are a mom your life is probably hectic especially if you have babies and/or toddlers. I thought I’d share this brilliant site – link! It is a list of mommy habits that can help you live just a little bit better. Here is a summary:

1.   Wake up early before your kids.
2.   Go to bed early.
3.   Prepare things for the next day in the evening.
4.   Have a meal plan.
5.   Do one complete load of laundry a day.
6.   Get dishes done at night.
7.   Take a 5 minute power bathroom clean up.
8.    Have a place for everything.
9.    Establish a bedtime routine.
10. Don’t say “yes” immediately to everything.

I am having difficulties with 1 and 2, currently working on 8, began 3, 5, 6, sort of ignoring 4 at the moment, 7 should be a 10-minute power clean-up and I’ve accomplished 9 and 10, I think.  The article suggests to begin with 3 habits because it can get overwhelming and I totally agree.  Laundry, power clean up and evening preparations are at the top of my list. Studies have shown that it takes 21 days for a habit to form so consistency is key to success.

In addition, I feel like being a mom challenges my time management skills – or lack thereof. So I created a daily schedule/routine and a daily to-do list. I use my daily schedule as a guide. It is not set in stone because a toddler doesn’t always comply when you tell her that nap time is at 1:00. Having a daily schedule helps me manage my time better and be more productive. It doesn’t take a lot to get distracted – facebook, instagram, browsing. I blame you technology but I still love you.


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