COUPONING ADVENTURE: 01.13 – 01.19.2013

cvs 011513

I initially planned and calculated to do the spend $30 get $10 cash back deal this week but the out of pocket expense was too high, $19 after ecb and coupons. So I decided to do a different deal but my friend and I encountered a snag and a surprise.

Transaction 1:

3 Hallmark cards @$1.99 each $5.97
2 Aveeno lotion @4.99 each $9.98
total: $15.95

coupons used:
$2/3 Hallmark Facebook
$3/2 Aveeno
a raincheck for Aveeno – buy 2 get $6 ecb and sale price $4.99 each
$6 ecb from last week
total: $11.00

total oop: $4.95 + tax
ecb received: $1 green bag tag, $3 from hallmark, $6 from buy 2 lotion, and $6 Aveeno raincheck

I didn’t know that buying 2 lotions this week will trigger a $6 ecb so that was a surprise. Apparently, it’s a monthly deal according to My friend forgot to use her Hallmark coupon so we went back in to get it fixed and I decided to do the deal I initially planned, spend $30 get $10 cash card deal.

Transaction 2:

1 Tide $5.49
2 Luvs diapers @7.99 each $15.98
1 Dawn dish detergent $0.99
1 Scott toilet paper $7.49
total: $29.95

coupons used:
$1.50 Tide
$1.50/2 Luvs
$2 CVS Scott internet printable
$1 Scott
$16 ecb from transaction 1
total: $22.00

total oop: $7.95 + tax
ecb received: $10 CVS cash card

This was a great week for me, though I wish I had more Tide and Luvs coupons so that I can do another transaction. Moreover, my friend and I learned something new; you receive both ecb’s from a raincheck and the current week’s promotion. In my case, I had a raincheck for the Aveeno of buy 2 get $6 ecb from 2 weeks ago and a current promo of buy 2 lotions get $6 ecb. Both applied. Yay!


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