Simple is my one little word* for 2013.

Last night, I dreamt I went to Walmart to buy bottled water. Then, I found myself having a cart full of stuff upon check out. Does that sound too familiar to you? It happens to me in real life, too. Anyway, it was odd because I didn’t dream of putting those  things in my cart. As I stood in line, I went through each clothing item to make sure I wanted to purchase them. Each one ended something I would never buy for my kids, myself or husband, well for anyone. So, I gave them all to the cashier and just paid for the water.

It dawned on me this morning that my one little word is simple. I’ve been contemplating on this for while and wasn’t sure if I can commit to the word. However, I feel like my subconscious is telling me that simplicity is my key to happiness. Perhaps,  I’ve gone insane for thinking too much into such a dream?

I finally finished purging and getting rid of things this past weekend. Closets are now free of clutter and no longer spit random things out. I have the office to tackle next – I can’t wait. It’s an awesome feeling.

*One little word was created by Ali Edwards.


HELLO 2013


May your days be merry and bright during the holidays and the new year. We wish you health, time and prosperity.

A look back on the month of December:
Kids’ phrases: “I want to watch Thomas the train, Mom” – k. “Sunglasses are for superstars!” – K
Drink: fresh juices mainly orange, carrots, apples, spinach
Food: cambodian pho, kuthiew
Book: Real Estate Principles
Song: Sweet Memories by Olivia Ong
Movie: Rurouni Kenshin live action
TV Show: Korean drama Chongchemdong Alice
Makeup: Urban Decay naked palette, buck, naked and virgin
Clothing: Madewell the archive boots in English saddle, Gap black wool trench coat
Thoughts: Christmas with my extended family during my childhood years was full of laughter and joy. I am very grateful that hubby and I are able to give our kids wonderful christmas memories.
Emotions: I was a bit overwhelmed but  thanks to online shopping and a helpful husband I survived!

Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013.



…snacking on boiled peanuts and nori.
…growing my eyebrows to get them threaded still.
…creating nothing at the moment, though I need to just begin.
…stressing over my toddlers’ eating habits. so picky!
…wishing for a vacation. I badly need one.
…needing a hair intervention, a low maintenance hairstyle please.
…remembering families and friends. They are so far away.
…thinking that I’m beginning to go insane hence the vacation wish.
…listening to How to Become a Millionaire REA audio book.
…reading Real Estate Principles book.
…watching a Korean drama called Full House Take 2.

I savored every bit of summer weather in October. It was still quite hot here in the Central Valley hence the awkward, summer “outfit” post above. I don’t think there was anything wrong with my arm in that photo, though.

I am at my wits end about what to feed my toddlers. They are so darn picky! Their meal of choice is air most of the time. My little boy eats like a bird. They both have a cold now and didn’t go trick or treating yesterday but we did have a Halloween photoshoot. ^.~))

Shooting for more productivity this month though watching Korean dramas doesn’t help. However, I am only following 1 drama this time, hehehe. They are such time wasters ugh! My goals are:

  1. finish reading the RE books
  2. stay on top of chores
  3. get rid of clutter
  4. prep daily december album – which is just an album and instax. simple as possible

Hello November!


…eating less rice and more fruits and veggies.
…growing my eyebrows to get them threaded.
creating more lists than usual to keep organize.
…organizing every little thing in our house.
…enjoying my tablet more and more.
focusing on just enjoying moments with my little ones.
…sleeping better ever since my first child was born.
thinking of taking a trip to San Francisco tomorrow.
listening to Shopaholic and Baby audio book while doing chores.
watching Korean dramas: Beautiful You, Arang and Faith.
writing blog posts in advance.
joining Ali Edwards today.

happy weekend!