(2) Dawn dish soap $0.94 ea $1.88
(1) Almay mascara $5.99
(1) Almay intense i-color $5.99

Coupons used:
(2) $0.50 dawn hand renewal
(1) $5/2 almay internet printable
$4/$12 CVS q
$4 ECB

Total paid: tax ($1.11)
Total ECB rec’d: $3 from Almay

I’ve been trying to stock up on dish soaps but it seems I use more than I can acquire. The makeup products are a great addition to my gift baskets.




It’s seldom my CVS trips go according to plan, therefore a couple of backup plans are necessary. This week was no exception but I scored awesome deals nonetheless. I’ve made 2 trips this week so far:

Trip 1

(2) Nature Made Minis Vitamins $15.29 ea
(1) Colgate Sensitive toothpaste $4.99

Coupons used:
(1) $10 CVS Nature Made IP (no longer available
(2) $3 Nature Made
$15.29 Nature Made bogo free promo
$4 ECB

Total paid: $0.28 + tax
Total ECB rec’d: $4 from Colgate

All Poise and Thermacare were gone in this store so I took another trip the following day.

Trip 2

(1) Tena Women’s Underwear $14.29 (not pictured, already gave it to my grandma)
(1) Thermacare Trial size $3.49
(1) Mini Sticky-on Flags clearance $0.25 (not pictured, for filler)

Coupons Used:
(1) $14 Tena MQ (sent to me in the mail by Tena)
$4 ECB

Total paid: $0.03 + tax ($1.49 boo! lol)
Total rec’d: $3.49 from Thermacare

Still no Poise but hey that’s what rainchecks are for, right? I just hope that they’ll restock before my CVS Poise coupon expires. I’m planning on making another trip to do the Aveeno deal.

COUPONING ADVENTURE: 01.20 – 01.26.2013

cvs 01212013

I went to CVS early this week because of the Nivea deal. I scoured 2 stores but to no avail. Oh well.

2 lady speed stick @2.99 ea $5.98
2 irish spring 6pk 3.00 ea $6
1 crest toothpaste pro-health $2.99
1 crest toothpaste 3d white $2.99

coupons used:
2 $1 lady speed stick
2 $1 irish spring
1 $0.50 crest
1 $0.50 crest
$10 cash card from last week

total oop: 2.96 + tax
received: $4 from crest and $6 ecb from soap and deodorant

COUPONING ADVENTURE: 01.13 – 01.19.2013

cvs 011513

I initially planned and calculated to do the spend $30 get $10 cash back deal this week but the out of pocket expense was too high, $19 after ecb and coupons. So I decided to do a different deal but my friend and I encountered a snag and a surprise.

Transaction 1:

3 Hallmark cards @$1.99 each $5.97
2 Aveeno lotion @4.99 each $9.98
total: $15.95

coupons used:
$2/3 Hallmark Facebook
$3/2 Aveeno
a raincheck for Aveeno – buy 2 get $6 ecb and sale price $4.99 each
$6 ecb from last week
total: $11.00

total oop: $4.95 + tax
ecb received: $1 green bag tag, $3 from hallmark, $6 from buy 2 lotion, and $6 Aveeno raincheck

I didn’t know that buying 2 lotions this week will trigger a $6 ecb so that was a surprise. Apparently, it’s a monthly deal according to My friend forgot to use her Hallmark coupon so we went back in to get it fixed and I decided to do the deal I initially planned, spend $30 get $10 cash card deal.

Transaction 2:

1 Tide $5.49
2 Luvs diapers @7.99 each $15.98
1 Dawn dish detergent $0.99
1 Scott toilet paper $7.49
total: $29.95

coupons used:
$1.50 Tide
$1.50/2 Luvs
$2 CVS Scott internet printable
$1 Scott
$16 ecb from transaction 1
total: $22.00

total oop: $7.95 + tax
ecb received: $10 CVS cash card

This was a great week for me, though I wish I had more Tide and Luvs coupons so that I can do another transaction. Moreover, my friend and I learned something new; you receive both ecb’s from a raincheck and the current week’s promotion. In my case, I had a raincheck for the Aveeno of buy 2 get $6 ecb from 2 weeks ago and a current promo of buy 2 lotions get $6 ecb. Both applied. Yay!

COUPONING ADVENTURE: 01.06 – 01.12.2013

TRIPI finally used my raincheck on Purex for $1.88 because there is a $1 coupon this week. This raincheck was from 2 years ago. The cashier was taken aback by the sale price because the regular price is $6.xx. To be honest,I became a bit nervous because I thought she’d give me a hard time. Luckily, my friend was with me who began a conversation and calmed her a bit. In the end, she was nice and very helpful.


(2) purex with raincheck $1.88 each
(1) listerine ultra clean $3.99
(2) colgate toothpaste $2.99
(2) colgate 360 toothpaste $2.99
(1) garnier fructis deep treatment clearance $1.57
total: $21.28

coupons used:
(2) $1 purex  ss 1/6
(1) $2 listerine red box cvs
(2) $0.75 colgate toothpaste ss 1/6
(2) $0.75 colgate toothbrush ss 1/6
(1) $1 garnier styling product
(1) $10 ecb from last week
total: $18

total oop: $ 3.58 + tax
received: $6 ecb from buying the colgate toothpastes and toothbrushes

I wanted to make several transactions at Walgreens for the hair ties but it was getting late. So I did just one:


(1) goody hair elastics $2.99
(1) dial lotion $3.36 clearance
total: $6.35

coupons used:
(1) $0.50 goody ss 1/6
(1) $1.50 dial lotion
total: $2

total oop: $4.35 + tax
received: $2 register reward from buying the goody hair ties

I may have to return to Walgreens to get more lotion, hair ties and Purex which is on sale for $2.99 this week!  Hopefully I’ll have time. ^.~)) There was also free StayFree pads and glucose monitor but they ran out so I got a raincheck. Don’t forget to get yours.


Before I proceed:
Hurry get your Target beauty bag full of goodies – link! I’ve received 3 of their previous bags. It’s a great way to sample beauty products for free and get a cute cosmetics bag. You will have to like them on facebook and sign up for one. Good luck.

Now onto my adventure:
I’m not that obssessed with Target. I just happened to go almost every week these days. I purchased the above Method cleaners during 2 of my many trips to Target. Last week they were on price cut for $2.69 and this week there is a promotion, buy 3 get 1 free. Here are the trips’ details:

Trip 1:
1 Method Antibac Kitchen cleaner $2.69
1 Method Orla Kiely edition pear hand soap $2.69

Coupons used:
2 $1 Method manufacturer’s coupon found on 8/15 ss insert
2 $1 Method Target coupon

Total paid: $1.38 + tax

Note: I don’t care for the orange zest scent of the antibac kitchen cleaner. I imagined a sweet, citrus scent but it’s more like a fusion between a public restroom and a hint of citrus.

Trip 2:
1 Method Antibac bathroom cleaner in spearmint $2.99
1 Method Orla Kiely edition pear all purpose cleaner $2.99
2 Method all purpose cleaner in cucumber and pomegranate $2.99 each

Coupons used:
3 $1 Method manufacturer’s coupon found on 8/15 ss insert
3 $1 Method Target coupon

Total paid: $2.97 + tax

Note: I’ve tried the bathroom and pear all-purpose cleaners and they smell great. They smell of sweet pears and mint, spot on. Since the promotion is buy 3 get 1 free, some couponers would have used coupons towards the free item. I would have done that at CVS because it’s allowed according to their policy but wasn’t sure about Target. Anyway, $2.97 for 4 awesome cleaners is a great deal. It’s definitely my stock up price.